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Stores and services in Mercurey

  • Bakery "La Savoureuse"
  • Butcher :
  • Caveau Divin tasting room
  • Hair dresser
  • Drugstore
  • Supermarket :Maxi Marché
  • Library :
  • Newspaper, gift shop :
  • Taxi :
  • Nurse :

Places to visit

In Mercurey

  • 2 churches, one of them from the 12th century
  • The ruins of the "Montaigu" medieval Château
  • The stone calvaries

In the area

paysage côte chalonnaise
les vignes en côte chalonnaise
Mercurey panorama

Walks and strolls

patrimoine en Bourgogne
pierre de Bourgogne

Activities and sports