Booking and Services
Q: How can I book a stay at Les Maisons de Chamirey?
A: Reservations can be made directly via their official website or by contacting their reservations department by phone or email.

Q: What services are provided during my stay?
A: Guests can enjoy a range of services including free WiFi, private parking, breakfast (on request), bike rental, and access to a Tesla charger. Special services such as massages and wine pairings can also be booked in advance.

Facilities and Equipment
Q: What facilities are included in the homes?
A: Both houses have extensive facilities including swimming pools, saunas, private gardens and terraces overlooking the vineyards. They are also equipped with kitchens featuring modern appliances such as a Nespresso machine and dishwasher.

Activities and Experiences
Q: What activities can guests enjoy at Les Maisons de Chamirey?
A: The estate offers a variety of experiences, including wine tastings at Château de Chamirey, immersive vineyard tours, hot-air balloon flights and culinary experiences at La table d'hôtes de Chamirey.